(accepted @ Sept 19, 2013 management meeting)
Profiles are voluntary, and generally given by new members after they have been members for at least 6 months.
More seasoned members may also give their profiles and these serve as examples to new members of what a profile is like. This also serves to introduce to our newer members, our more seasoned members, who may have given their profiles possible several years earlier.
Purpose: to provide a brief introduction of yourself to our Club Members. Since we are a social club, profiles can encourage members to get to know you and share in mutual interests.

Profile should be about 3 minutes long with a maximum duration of 5 minutes,

Delivery with a little levity can help increase interest and retention,
Profiles will normally include:

  • place of birth,
  • family,
  • career highlights,
  • personal interests,

Couples have the choice of both speaking or having one person give the profile for both of them.