Speakers Committee – Chair: Bill Roy 519-940-8401 billroy@sympatico.ca
Members:  Pam Cohen, Dori Ebel, Joan Finch, Judy Hendy

Future Speakers:

June 2018              Darla Fraser, Orangeville Librarian         What’s happening at the Library

July 2018               Stacey Daub, CEO                                    Headwaters Health Care Centre

August 2018          Bill Adcock, Honorary Colonel                Lorne Scots

September 2018    Wayne Townsend                                      “Quirky Characters from Dufferin County”

Past Speakers:

May 2018                Ralph Manktelow & Sharon Martin         Pollination Garden and Pollinators 

April 2018               Gord Gallagher                                         Headwaters Communities in Action Programs

March 2018             Rita Isley, Director Community Health    Opioid Issues


May 2017                Orangeville Blues and Jazz, organizing leadership

March 9th – Ontario Christian Gleaners, Thursday 8th. Feb. Paramedics – Tom Reid. The Dufferin County Community Paramedic Program January  12th  – Ann Clifford YOUTH, ART and HORSE 2016 December 8th – Andrew Welch was December speaker. Andrew narrated the “The first four Staves” of Christmas Carol. Nov. 10th – Ken Weber – Why Canada’s Story is Not Boring Oct. 13 – Scott Davis, Orangeville Police Services – Fraud & Identity Theft September 8 – Taoist Tai Chi Demonstration August 11  – This month Doug Maskell discussed and demonstrated with live dogs, what it takes to develop a dog to become a COPE Service Dog. We might even learn how to make our mutt follow orders. July 14th – Terry Reardon, author of: Winston Churchill and Mackenzie King: So Similar, So Different. June 09th- A representative from MDA, a global communications and information company specializing in robotics solutions. The talk will be about advancements in global communications, surveillance and intelligence. The company also conducts a significant amount of advanced technology development. May 12th – Dufferin Circle of Storytellers. April 14th – The speakers this month were Howard and Ingrid Sproxton. They had a slide show and discussed a cruise on the Yangtze and travel to Beijing, Lhasa (Tibet), Shanghai, and Hong Kong, with observations of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. March 10th – Keith Palmer, Director of Community Services, County of Dufferin